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At Professional Hemp Oil LLC, we manufacture and distribute only the highest quality CBD and hemp oil products to local pharmacies. White labeled, shipped, and ready to stock in your establishment.

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Browse our selection of hemp products including CBD oils, muscle relief creams, and massage oils.

Oral Hemp Products

Our selection of high quality CBD oils are available in a variety of flavors including grape, mint, orange, raspberry, and unflavored. We manufacture and carry a variety of dosages and sizes ranging from 500mg to 2500mg.

Topical Hemp Products

Our line of topical hemp products include massage oils, muscle relief creams, topical creams, and topical salve. We manufacture only the highest quality hemp products and carry a variety of dosages and sizes ranging from 120mg to 1000mg.

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CBD Product Packaging… What’s Important?

As more companies increasingly join the CBD product marketplace due to rip-roaring sales of hemp-derived products, every aspect of your product’s marketing has to resonate right with consumer expectations so that your product stands out among all the items-to-buy on the shelf. Terrific packaging is vital to catching the eye, and granting instant recognizability, while […]

The Future of CBD: $20 Billion in Sales by 2024

In case it wasn’t already evident, the CBD market is booming. Since the Farm Bill passed in 2018, CBD sales have been on the rapid climb, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down, leading many to ask just what the near future of CBD looks like. In 2019, cannabis business intelligence firm, BDS […]

CBD and Children’s Autism – CBD Health and Wellness

When it comes to cannabidiol (CBD) and children, we may be somewhat familiar with the cannabinoid being used to treat seizures. But CBD may also have a place in other childhood disorders, including autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that is characterized by reduced communicative abilities, issues with social skills, and repetitive […]

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