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At Professional Hemp Oil LLC, we manufacture and distribute only the highest quality CBD and hemp oil products to local pharmacies. White labeled, shipped, and ready to stock in your establishment.

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Browse our selection of hemp products including CBD oils, muscle relief creams, and massage oils.

Oral Hemp Products

Our selection of high quality CBD oils are available in a variety of flavors including grape, mint, orange, raspberry, and unflavored. We manufacture and carry a variety of dosages and sizes ranging from 500mg to 2500mg.

Topical Hemp Products

Our line of topical hemp products include massage oils, muscle relief creams, topical creams, and topical salve. We manufacture only the highest quality hemp products and carry a variety of dosages and sizes ranging from 120mg to 1000mg.

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Is This How CBD Stops Epileptic Seizures? New Study

A new study that was conducted by researchers from the Department of Physiology and Neuroscience at NYU Langone Health has shown that CBD is able to control seizures by blocking lysophosphatidylinositol (LPI)  molecules. This prevents the molecules from boosting nerve signals in the hippocampus which could cause seizures. This new finding supports previous research in […]

CBD Topical for Skin Ulcers: Clinical Trial Confirmed What We Have Known All Along

If you have been in the medical cannabis space for a while you have probably come across anecdotal reports of CBD clearing skin ulcers in no time. In case you thought that this could be a case of luck or a “placebo response” as some quarters would have you believe, a clinical trial has proved […]

FDA Plans to Regulate the CBD Industry

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has for the umpteenth time raised concerns about cannabis derived compounds such as CBD and Delta-8 which currently command a large share of the cannabis market. According to the FDA, the burgeoning CBD industry is unregulated and this brings along concerns about consumer safety. In the recent past, the […]

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