About Us

Excellence in quality and efficacy, for all of our hemp/CBD products, is the most important focus for us at Professional Hemp Oil LLC. We are a highly functioning team of pharmacists, chemists and hemp/cannabis leaders that currently own and operate independent pharmacies. We have been and continue to be leaders in the pharmacy industry in both sterile and non-sterile compounding and come from a background of serious data driven quality. This same level of meticulous expectation, high quality standards, and efficacious products is what we bring to the hemp/CBD industry.As licensed professionals we know what it takes to create quality products and to deliver an amazing customer experience. We have had a passion to educate ourselves and to grow in this industry since 2018 and look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your businesses. We promise to continue to strive to be leaders in this industry and to always make our products the best on the market.

Our motto is “Expand your brand” a belief that we not only share but also use ourselves. We have all spent blood, sweat, and tears growing our businesses in our community. We each have established OUR own brand. To us, it doesn’t make sense to put someone else’s product on YOUR shelves. Let us be the science and the quality behind the brand that your community and patients already trust, YOUR Brand.

At Professional Hemp Oil LLC, this is exactly what we offer. The ability to “Expand Your Brand” through our unique, no minimum order, private label services. We not only check all the boxes of quality and testing but also solve any issues related to the design and feel of your products. Put your trust in us and let us “Expand Your Brand.”